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If you are here for the first time we would like to share with you what exactly we do. S & F was founded in 2012 established by a group of friends who were playing Lineage II. The idea of this project was to create a place where players could buy or sell items earned in the game feeling completely safe during the transactions at the same time. In the beginning, gaining player's confidence was quite difficult but following a number of successful transactions has helped us develop the brand we are so very proud of. Thanks to our satisfied customers, the S & F service has grown fast in a short time. In 2014, we at S & F decided to professionalize our virtual goods service.   What distinguishes us from the many other sites providing similar services? S & F is not your typical online store run by people who do not play the game you do. Our team deals only with game titles that we play and because of that we understand the market situation in those particular games. We provide middle man services and also allow you to "cash out". We accept orders for specific items and deal directly with the seller/buyer for you! All of our prices are negotiable. We will not offer shopping cart or prepayment option because we want to discuss deals live via Skype, LiveChat, Teamspeak or by E-mail allowing clear communication and offer you the opportunity to be in the process 100%. It is important to us that when you make your payment there is instant delivery
We provide service on games like Lineage 2,Blade and Soul,Elder Scrolls Online,ArcheAge,Final Fantasy XIV,FIFA 15,Fifa 16.In future we plan to add more games to our service.


We are not looking forward to meeting your expectations. We are simply doing it!

Best Prices

We try our best to keep prices current with the in-game market level. This is good for the buyer and seller. We follow the market and we are open to price negotiations.

Quick service

All transactions are conducted live so there is no 24 hour wait. Every transaction is discussed live and you make payment only if we have what you are looking for. This live process allows instant delivery when you make payment

Good contact

You can write to us via Skype, Facebook fanpage, and LiveChat. Not enough? To facilitate good contact, we have our own Teamspeak! We try to be available for most of the day. You can also write us a message directly through our website.


We can gaurantee that your feedback will be read by our team and other website visitors!

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What We Offer?
Professional goods sale service

In addition to the sale and distribution of virtual items, gold and characters we also provide services that distinguish us from other websites. We buy gold, items and characters. We help finalize the transactions between players and sell items as well as accounts. We have on display a list of items that have been ordered by other players for sellers to view or we at S & F can also find the item for you. You can entrust us with your items, gold and accounts. We will find buyers for them and finalize a deal for you. During the transaction all payments go through our accounts which will gaurantee that you, the buyer, will not be scammed. You will always get your items or money.

Are you bored with the game? Need the cash? Don't waste your time! Sell us your account with all items at a good price. Contact us so that together we will quote your character paying you for the character and items in the same day!

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Do you suffer from excess amount of gold? Do you want to earn some extra money yourself? Write to us and we will replace your virtual currency for dollars. We buy small and large quantities on all servers. We negotiate prices and pay immediately.

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Do you want to sell something without the risk of being scammed? Do you want to buy? Or maybe you have a lot of items and gold but do not want to sell it on your own? Write to us and we will do it for you! We will take care of the transaction from the beginning to the end. We can also price your items and add them to the item list posted on our website! We can find a buyer, secure the payments through our accounts and pay you without risk of being scammed. Why risk when we can do it for you?

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Having trouble finding what you are looking for? Don't worry! Write to us and we will add it to our list of orders. We can find it for you. S & F will negotiate the best price and write you back immediately. Do you have an item that someone is trying to buy and you want cash? Do not hesitate! Post a message immediately! Have no doubt, we will reach an agreement.

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Write us an email, contact us on Skype, connect to our Teamspeak server, or use LiveChat. You can also find us on Facebook. Check out our Fanpage!