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  • Gold Farmer

    Awesome guys, professional service, will return to sell gold again for sure!

  • alejandro

    Fast and trustworth as always, 100% recommended

  • mag

    sincere an trustworthy

  • surr

    if you want buy gold this site is the best choice :)

  • kojm

    They took a bit long time to deliver but they did as promised. So yeah - it works!

  • corki

    Another fast transaction. Thank you and recommend

  • fido

    good live chat enjoyed talking to her and she told me everything i needed to know :)

  • really

    bought blade and soul gold 2nd time, again very fast and safe (found this company at maxcheaters )

  • sparta

    Great service! Got the order to me quick! Thanks guys!

  • Rataj

    GOOD PAGE ! They helped me so much

  • Gron

    Thanks, your getting faster and better at delivery...

  • quick

    Quick and easy transfer. Thank you.

  • erka

    i was speaking at facebook, got all info and sold my gold :)

  • rynnnn

    Good and fast job. nice suport and serius persons. I am satisfied. Thanks (found at epicnpc)

  • rynnnn

    good service. very good support and response.

  • sellers

    Grreat prices, fast delivery. Everything went uber fast and without any problems. Best gold site ever !

  • Wind

    Fast and easy would recommend other ppl to use it

  • Monika

    Very good webiste, really good live support. Recommended website! Thanks a lot!

  • Aria

    Wow this service is surely fast and the operator is so kind

  • Memo

    Made my purchase and promptly delivered. Customer service was polite and helpful. All questions were answered during live chat. Speed of delivery: 5/5 stars

  • kira

    I got my gold and im happy xD i hope u guys enjoy their services too.

  • Magnus

    Great service, and great support, eaven when stuff goes wrong they always deliver and they get my full thrust!

  • Jono

    great service, fast and reliable :) will use again thank you!

  • Lucion

    Friendly and helpful and Cute support. Thank you Sellers and Friends for your help ? The page I can only recommend it! Support: 10/ 10 Delivery: 10/10 Thanks.

  • yam

    Very fast delivery, kind staff, good prices - Would buy again!

  • thebst

    the best mmo site :)

  • Nuno

    Very clearly site. Was speaking at live chat with operator. He gave me very good bonus when i was buying adena at Chronos server. Very cheap gold and safe delivery. Will recommend for sure.

  • WOW

    Wow!!!! finally i found a fast and easy to work with company!!!! It was super fast and easy to do. Highly recommend them. Thank you :)!!!!

  • JUN

    Did receive gold as promised, thank you

  • Hills

    Very easy to use and the online staff was very helpfull, i just checked my email so sry abt this being late. Also i got my gold within 2 hrs. so thank u for ue service and ill use u guys again

  • RED

    I received my order :)

  • Killer

    It was really fast and easy to use. loved it.

  • Euphoria

    Really really, good service, can sometimes take a some time to get your gold, but they always deliver! great service

  • Maleon

    Thank you I have the gold received. good luck for you

  • Mamut

    Thanks again for the wonderful and very fast response and delivery

  • BHP

    thanks i have receve my gold

  • naruto

    thanks for the fast delivery! :)

  • Nuto

    Faster than any other site got my blade and soul gold

  • Fifo

    For the most part a really good site. But my first purchase I had to wait a week to get my Gold. So overall good service when the supplier is online

  • Frank

    Thank you for the prompt and perfect delivery of the ordered InGame-Gold. Very good service and a very kind support for explaining and supporting the process of delivery. Satisfaction rate: 10 (from 10) :-) Greetings Frank


    it was fast and easy thx

  • Vontu

    Hi . I am glad, Thank you very much.

  • Complex

    good service. received gold quickly too

  • Ryo

    Great service, fast and friendly

  • Overwthy

    Good Service! Bought Blade and soul account :)

  • Repear

    bought Archeage gold at Morpheus server, cheap price compare to another mmo site, SellersAndFriends are the best ! :) safe and cheap

  • Eliasz

    Just wonted to say that this is a great site to get fifa 16 coins The prices are very reasonable and delivery was very Quick. I am definitely going to recommend and buy from this site again... Greetings :)

  • Code

    Thanks again! Great service :)

  • Danmatas

    Exellent Service, they are the best, Highly recommend

  • JJJB

    Third purchase. Smooth as ever!

  • didid

    I got the gold from Elder SCrolls online

  • deadshot

    Ok now i have the gold! Thank you very much and sorry for the troubles

  • Freddy

    Prefect service. Fast and good. First time is a bit lengthy because of sercurity, which is good. But after that everything is great. Thanks for the help

  • Sword

    may visit again in the future. thank you

  • Dude

    Very friendly,Very fast deliver, very.... PERFEKT :-)

  • wedel

    Thanks :D this site is excellent

  • Brandon

    Fast & friendly service. Will def. deal with again!

  • Bator

    Great servise, fast delivery! I am epic npc user, usually was buying at this website from another gold sellers. But when i meet 1st time with SellersandFriends they have better prices, and much faster delivery time :). I will stay with them for sure :).

  • Doug

    Fast, friendly service. Thanks again!

  • Eve

    Took a bit of time for them to make sure I am the real buyer. XD But there was no problem after all. :)

  • Rdorzrique

    great purchase, a great trading and clearing doubts, are to be congratulated, so good!

  • Ferrero

    exellent service,100% secure, found SellersandFriends topic at maxcheaters , sold them my Lineage gold at Naia server, good my money after 2 minutes :) safe and fast, everyone should buy from them !!

  • Pedal

    Speedy service thanks will use this again

  • Chirstototot

    Received the gold smoothly and in less than 24 hours .- Thanks you!

  • Gerdo

    I am very satisfied with your service and surly will come again.

  • Adrian

    when i was using playerauctions this fee was horrible high, when I used middleman servise at SellersandFriends website, was much much more easier and cheaper. Got my pvp set, and seller got my money :). Both side was really happy. Will back for sure if i got this same problem

  • Mike

    Fast and Quick delivery as usual highly recommended

  • Bobby

    The gold was delivered very fast, no complications. I recommend.

  • Player

    Very good service, i received perfectly the gold that i paid for!!!

  • deeezy

    excellent service, fast and friendly. will do business with again

  • Foxxxy

    Friendly staff and quick communication.

  • Veronica

    found topic at ownedcore , bought 30k gold at Morpheus, fast, safe and easy, Still w/o ban. Last time i bought at mmook website and got ban after 1 days for buying illegal gold. I will stay with sellersandfriends this gold is safe and cheap :)


    Good patient, and professional. Can be trusted

  • Pawel

    Very Fast, Very Polite and customer friendly. Thank You

  • Brandon

    Amazing service thank you so much!

  • Panda

    Thank you very much, was very easy to use, fast service very polite online help. Be seeing you guys again very soon lol =)

  • Dzini

    Fast service.Great comunication and very helpfull live chat.

  • Andy

    Not the fastest delivery, i recived everything anyway. Thank you very much.

  • Gold

    I came at teamspeak to speak with Lancer and Robert, both guys help me with sell my Elder Scrolls gold , i got my money very fast :)

  • James

    sold my Lineage 2 adena at Core server , customer explain me step by step how to do it, that was my 1st time i was using company to sell my adena :). Was really easy and comfortable :)

  • david

    omg wow i really got it guys thank you i appreciate it :) i will use the service again!! its amazing

  • Tito

    Wow!!! Glad you all received your gold so quick and all.

  • Angel

    I have always had great service with these guys

  • Icebaby

    Thank you for good service....

  • fun

    In my first order have taken some time but the result was perfect so I will not hesitate to reorder if necessary.

  • qwe

    simply great!! fast delivery!!!

  • Blacki

    sold my Archeage account very fast THX


    very cheap ESO GOLD

  • Soul

    Took a bit of time but you will get the purchase that you ordered. The staff are very polite and considerate, I thank you for everything. Take care and have a nice life.

  • speeed

    thank you was very fast service!

  • runu

    Very good seller. Was really good communication and very fast delivery of gold. Very serious seller. I highly recommend to buy from this seller. 5 of 5 stars.

  • emiel

    nice and fast delivery very kind staffs

  • emiel

    ty for the good service and friendly live chat big +10 ty

  • jojojo

    ty for the good service and friendly live chat big +10 ty

  • ahhh

    Fast delivery, better than other sites i even made skrill account cause it's much cheaper :)

  • ahhh

    thanks for delivery my gold for me.


    The cheapest and fastest gold delivery on the Net! Im amazed by theiincredible well spoken and mannered support team and gold transaction by any custumer wish, may it be per mail or auction hall.

  • arczi

    great job, everything was perfect, great team. tnx

  • bivi

    just bought Blade and soul Gold , fast delivery and very easy trade at live chat :)

  • farmhater

    I really like this site, I was able to get the amount of gold that i bought and it did not take that long to get the gold. I would buy more gold from this site again when i need more gold. Really this is a great site to buy gold or money for the games that you love if you hate having to farm for gold.