Buy and sell gold, items and account safely with Sellers and Friends

Gold selling service

  • 60s delivery time: Instant delivery straight from our stocks!
  • Stay in touch: Transactions are conducted live via Facebook, Skype, LiveChat or Teamspeak
  • Safe Trade: Always using the safest possible way to deliver gold
  • Actual stock: always up to date!
  • Order list: Contact us and tell us how much and how fast you need your gold and we will prepare it for you!
  • Safe Gold: Our gold comes only from legit and verified sources
Sellers And Friends
Sellers And Friends

Item selling service

  • End-Game items: We will sell you the top-grade equpment for the best price possible
  • Order list: Contact us. Tell us when & what you need and we'll get it for you
  • Safe items: Our items always come from verified and reliable sources or we buy them ourselves
  • Safe items: always using the safest possible wat to deliver items

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