Check special deal for Lineage 2 Giran Adena!

Check special deal for Lineage 2 Giran Adena!

If you’ve ever wanted to become rich in Lineage 2, and have your bank overflowing with Adena, this is the best time to invest your time and money into your well-being.

Forget your grinding, fishing, and spoiling with your Fortune Seeker. You can spoil items with a huge group any day you want, using your increased inventory space and weight limit. You are free to do it. But why waste time looking for a group, and keeping everyone in check for a long time, if you can have Adena in your pockets in a matter of minutes? If you want to aim high, and actually hit, there’s no better place than Sellers and Friends.

We’ve got a special deal for those, who want to make it big on the Giran server in Lineage II Classic. The offer is limited, our stock will soon be completely exhausted, so make use of it while it’s still available, and become the richest player that Lineage 2 Giran has ever seen. 

From now on, each player on Giran has a chance of obtaining 1 million Adena for $0,39! Doesn’t matter if you are looking only for 1 Million, 10 Millions, or a stunning amount of 1 Billion Adena! This special deal should not be overlooked, the price that we offer is simply too good to be true. 

Our website is the best thing that could happen to you if you were looking for some cheap and reliable Adena source on Giran server. Simply specify the amount of Adena that you are looking for. Fill out a short contact form. Send out your payment. And in a matter of minutes you will have your brand new Adena delivered straight onto your character. Of course, as long if you catch us during our working hours. Moreover, our service is completely safe and secure, our providers and affiliates are not using any boosters and bots, so our Adena is being legally distributed to players that use our services. 

Trust in Sellers and Friends and become rich today!

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