RuneScape doesn’t require much presentation, maybe a little clarification. Due to its latest updates (which are very good, we must say), RuneScape surveyed users to see if they want to return to the classic game, to the classic interface. The survey was positive and Jagex decided to release this new old game to the market, again. Old School RuneScape returns to the old battle system, to the old graphics and to the old world that so long delighted us with their grace. All the old components are here but with that past flavour. And it tastes very well! A very amazing feature about this game is that it is available for both computers and mobile devices, then you can play where you prefer with a single account. Your levels, equipment and everything will be connected in both systems. This is incredible! All you need to do is start to play and enjoy, develop your character and interact with other players. If you need something, remember that here, on Seller and Friends you can find it.

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