RuneScape does not require any introduction. This game is one of the most famous MMORGPs in history. It is close to turning 20 years in 2021. Today, RS fights for the first place of the game with more users throughout history with WoW. RuneScape 3 is the last version of this game, which contains many updates, new content and new versions of the old systems, such as the battle system. To have so many followers, RS3 must have something very special, and we agree. Its world is so amazing, full of incredibles places, cities, realms, people and creatures. Also, it has many skills which you have to learn to develop your character in the best way. In addition, unlike most MMORGPs, RuneScape does not have a linear story. Each character, each avatar, has its own path and objectives. The players can do everything they want, fight against monsters, fight each other, collect items, materials or equipment, get experience for any of the 27 skills, earn gold or just explore; it is up to them.

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