When you hear the name of Lineage 2, probably you know what it’s all about. This game is already a classic, one of the most famous MMORPG in the industry, very close to turning 20 years in the market. Throughout the years, Lineage 2 has created a large community of fans, who share their knowledge and love for this game. The continuous expansions and a world that never ends are two reasons why this game remains in vogue. In addition, in 2011, Lineage II adopted a free game model, so the fandom increased its attachment to the game. Now, you only have to pay for some specific services, some currencies, items and others. Since its launch, Lineage 2 has changed a lot, we have to say, but in a good way. Its races, classes, jobs and system has been updated and today they look very fresh. Lineage 2 still has a lot to give. We recommend you keep playing it because it is very likely this game will continue to grow on new platforms.

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