Albion Online Respec - Master All the Gear With this Ability!

Albion Online Respec - Master All the Gear With this Ability!
Albion Online

Everything in Albion is about fighting and gaining experience points. Ok, maybe not everything but a large part of it. When you fight, you earn points for specific gear. Eventually, you will master that gear if you earn enough points. But you can also redistribute that points thanks to the Albion Online Respec. Regarding this, in the article, you will learn:

  • What are and how you can earn fame credits;
  • What is Re-specing, and how does it work?

First of all, we’ll make a short description about fame credits and how to earn them. Second, we’ll explain the re-spec mechanics and aspects you need to consider.

Table of contents:

What are Fame Credits?

So, What is Re-specing?

Manual Re-specing


Conversion Rates







What are Fame Credits?

Albion Online Fame Credits Continuing Being Fundamental

Let's talk about some basic concepts before explaining what Re-spec is.

Fame credits are a new feature of Albion Online, and they actually can work as an in-game currency

Fame credits are very exclusive, and it is not easy to earn them. You can’t buy them on the markets or exchange them with other players, as it usually happens in classic MMOs or open-world games.  

In fact, there are only two ways to earn fame credits

  • You will be rewarded with fame credits whenever you max out all Mastery levels on a certain weapon node.
  • The second way is via Re-specing, which is our concern in this article.

Let’s take a look at what is Respecing specifically, its mechanics, and everything that concerns it. 


So, What is Re-specing?

Albion Online Re-specing Destiny Board

Re-specing is the process through which you convert the specialization levels (fame points) of a specific node into Fame Credits, to move them to another node.

In other words, re-specing is all about taking levels on one item (weapon, armor, etc.) and moving into another item, i.e., reconfigure the specialization points in another item to get new skills. 

Re-specing (shorthand for re-specialization) has two fundamental goals:

  • First, to gain specialization or mastery at a much faster rate than common ways, such as farming fame killing mobs.
  • Not wasting fame points on skills that are at max level.

Re-specing has essential aspects you have to keep in mind:

  • You will have to pay a certain amount of silver, which depends on the type of the item and the number of levels you are going to re-spec.  
  • When you re-spec an item, you will lose 20% fame points each time you do it!
  • Depending on the item you want re-spec, you will obtain a different amount of fame credits. 
  • Depending on the node you want to master, you will need to spend a different amount of fame credits to master that specific node.
  • Re-specing only applies to combat nodes of the destiny board. 


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Manual Re-specing

To do manual re-specing, just follow these steps: 

  • Select the node/skill in the destiny board from where you want to “extract” fame and convert in Fame credits. 

 Destiny Board Node

* Selecting the node. In this case, the Great Fire Staff Combat Specialist


  • A new window will appear. Just click on the x/100 icon you see below the icon of the node. 

 Re-Spec Window Albion

* The x/100 icon you need to click on.


  • The re-spec window will appear at the side of the above. Here, just move the slider to the level you want to re-spec. Again, you can do it negative or positive. 

 Re-Spec Specific Window

* Re-spec window.


  • In this case, we moved the cursor to negative and “extracted” one level. So now the level of the Great Fire is 99 instead of 100.  

Re-Spec Window found in th skill tree



This is a method that was added after the first re-specing. Its reason is to make the process easier. Keep in mind the following information when you active auto-respec:

  • When a node is maxed, fame credits are automatically awarded. 
  • The conversion rate is the same as manual re-spec.
  • Fame credits are cumulative.
  • The silver cost is the same as manual re-spec. 


Conversion Rates

The conversion rates to Fame Credits in Albion is not 1 to 1, or if not, relocating points would be straightforward, and the system would not make sense. 

In a few words, weapons are the most expensive in terms of specialization points when you re-spec them. Their rate of conversion is 25%. The second most expensive is the armors, then the head, shoes and finally the off-hands. 

To make it easier for you, we are giving you a table with the current official rates. 


Conversion Rate by Node Type

Equipment Slot

Credits Earned per Fame Received

Fame Given per Credit Spent

















Example: You have 100 fame with a sword. If you re-spec this fame, you would obtain 40 fame credits. Then, if you spend these fame credits to level up another weapon, the weapon in question will receive 80 fame. 


Conversion Rate by Respec Type

Re-spec Type

Fame Credit Award Modifier

Silver cost per Fame Credit












  • To level a weapon to 100, you need 88 million fame or 44 million credits.
  • Repeat as necessary for all nodes or skills to max every node you want.



Albion Online wins thousands of followers day by day, and its world grows as its leveling system perfects. 

Regarding this, one of the things that have changed a lot is the way to distribute points and experience to make the game fairer. 

People thanks the re-spec system because it makes it easier to grind or farm or raise levels. We imagine you will agree with us, right?

Albion Re-Spec System

For other Albion Online articles, you can check our Albion Blog. Here you will find high-quality content about this incredible game. Of course, you can always also watch videos on Youtube for additional info, but we believe our data posted is good enough. 

Feel free to share your impressions in the box below this section. We read the comments of everybody. This way, we can all improve!

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How Do You Re-spec in Albion Online?

First of all, you need to reach the level cap in every node. Once you make this, you can level down the item of this node and convert the specialization points into fame credits. Likewise, fame credits will help to level up other items. 


How Do I Reset my Albion Learning Points?

Sadly, there is no way of resetting Albion Online Learning Points. Learning Points are a gift for achieving some goals in free accounts and for premium accounts. The entire system is based on this; thus, resetting LPs is not possible. 


Can You Buy Learning Points in Albion Online?

No, there is no way of buying Learning Points in Albion Online, not even with real money, just earning them through a Premium account (you will receive 20 LP every day) or free account (you will receive 10 LP per day if you complete some requirements).


Does Albion Online Have Skills?

The answer is yes. All weapons, armors, shoes, etc., build their own abilities, which differ depending on the type of gear you choose manually and the options you have available according to the gear level. 


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