Final Fantasy XIV is close to turning 10 years in the world of video games. This incredible MMORPG came to raise a legendary franchise that was falling flat. After Final Fantasy XIII, most fans thought this saga was missing. But Naoki Yoshida, the director, had something to say about it. This new story goes back to the beginning of the series, to the stories of dragons, knights, wizards, chocobos, crystals and magic, but in a totally different way. As any MMORPG, FF 14 has an incredible world full of possibilities. This feature has expanded the mythology of the game and all the choices you have to carry on your adventure. The job system, the guilds, the side quests, the gear and the great continent of Eorzea are waiting for you in this incredible adventure. If you need help, browse Seller and Friends and trade, buy or sell everything you want about this game.

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