PSO2 Meseta Farming | Get Rich Fast and Efficiently!

PSO2 Meseta Farming | Get Rich Fast and Efficiently!

The world of Phantasy Star Online 2 is vast, and with a chapter dropping a couple of months ago, players are eager to uncover the new quests, options, and ways to grind their characters. But some things simply won’t change. Every class needs Mesetas to progress, either by making items, leveling up pets or whatever you can think of. Mesetas make the world go round in Phantasy Star Online 2. 

If you are lacking money and want to get rich fast… Well, that’s unlikely. In PSO2, you have to put in the effort. There is no easy way to get money fast (unless you can sell an extremely rare drop). That being said, we will go over the most effective ways to get your pockets full of that sweet sweet Meseta. 

Table of contents:

Banking and Alt Accounts PSO2

Daily Orders, Weekly Missions, and Client Orders

ARKS Missions

Personal Shops

AC Scratches

Are These the Only Ways to Gain Meseta?


Gain Meseta

Gain Mesetas fast. 


Banking and Alt Accounts PSO2 

If you are free to play type of player, you can have 2 extra characters. Why should you care

about that for your Meseta farming? Because you can also transfer Meseta between accounts. We’ll go over the benefits of completing the missions, and the amounts of gold you could make from each of them. Basically, it translates into even tripling your income. If you are a Premium player, you can play up to 12 characters per ship. 

That’s a lot of Meseta! 

PSO2 Meseta

Alt accounts in PSO2. 


Daily Orders, Weekly Missions, and Client Orders 

At the Quest Counter, talk to Fina in the Gate Area. This NPC is responsible for giving you your daily orders and weekly missions. Check your daily quests to complete them or claim them. They can be tiresome at the start. However, after level 50 they become quite trivial, meaning that you’ll rush through them easily.

Meet Fina. She is in the Gate Area. 

Meet Fina. She is in the Gate Area. 

She’ll give you a variety of daily orders and missions, from retrieving, creating, or procuring an item to eliminating enemies. Some of them will require using some of your Meseta, but it’s always a good investment. The rewards do vary, but in general, you can get over 1 million Meseta by doing all her quests. 

Now Yerkes, the NPC in Franka's Cafe, will give you weekly missions to gather some items and give them to him. Most of them you’ll probably already have. But by completing his quests, you could gain 500k Meseta per character. 

Yerkes will give you the Client Orders in PSO2

Yerkes will give you the Client Orders. 

Here are Yerker’s Client Orders: 

  1. Procure an Amduskian Dragonscale - You can find one on the Volcanic Caves Exploration on any difficulty.
  2. Procure a Navershroom - You can find them on the Forest Exploration on any difficulty. 
  3. Procure Lilipan Vest - Can be found during Desert Exploration on any difficulty. 
  4. Procure Harukotan Fragment - Can be found during Daybreak Province or Nightfall Explorations on any difficulty. 
  5. Procure Wopak Shell - You can find them during Coast and Seabed Explorations on any difficulty. 

Remember to do these with all your characters. Reaching level 50 in PSO2 is not as hard as it sounds. 


Arks Missions 

Arks Missions will easily get you 2 million Meseta per character, so what’s the issue? They require a bit of setup. You need to complete a couple of Main Missions before Arks Missions pop up. To access your PSO2 Arks Missions, hit the menu button and go for the fifth option. Your Ark Missions will be the top option of the pop-up menu.

Ark Missions

Arks Missions. 

By the nature of the game, you’ll complete Arks Missions regularly just by completing and playing the rest of the game. Weekly Arks vary, but you can expect some generalities from them, like: 


Complete an Extreme or Advance Quest 

This is another great way to get extra Meseta and EXP. You could gain up to 405k Meseta and 106K Exp. For the Extreme Quests, you’ll require an Extreme Pass. 


Complete a Time Attack on Super Hard 

The rewards are the same, 405k money and 106k Exp. Prepare accordingly.


Complete Daily Missions 

This will ask you to complete some daily missions, meaning free money for completing quests for money. This will award you 240k Meseta when completed. 


Earn Meseta from your Client Orders 

By completing Client Orders and Daily Orders, you’ll gain those extra Meseta for sure. The reward? 1,000,000 Meseta and 240,000 experience. 


Defeat a Certain Amount of Enemies 

Usually, you’ll need to kill over 100 lvl 61 enemies for a big reward of 160k extra exp and a 405k money reward. 


Desynthesize an Item 

You’ll need to desynthesize a Lvl 11+ Disk or Lvl 7+ item by using Item Desynthesis. This weekly Arks Mission rewards you with 605k Meseta and an extra 80k EXP. 


Grind a Weapon 

Simple as that, increase the power, get a whopping 605k reward and 80k EXP. 


Grind a Unit 

Same as above, same reward. Remember to use a low-level one so it’s easier and cheaper on your resources and time.


Personal Shops 

Are you a premium player or maybe you have a 3 day My Shop Pass? You could try to make your riches by abusing the market of Phantasy Star Online 2. Let’s be honest, we all are always looking for something. And to avoid those pesky rare drops, or to simply avoid a huge grind, the easiest way to get it is by buying it. Investing time and Meseta on the Market is a high risk/high reward strategy. Thus, make sure you can afford to lose some money. 

Note: For those with a 3-day pass, your offer will not expire. Yet, you won’t be able to make further changes to the pricing. 

Make crazy money on the personal Shop in PSO2

Make crazy money on the personal Shop. 

Again, people are always looking for new gear or items, so try to adapt to their needs. Just don’t sell stuff that you will need later. PSO2 Meseta farming through the Personal Shops can be tough, so here’s some advice to exploit your way into the life of a millionaire: 

  • You can access the shops through the Visiphone. 
  • Always check the average price of an item. 
  • Enhance popular items to make them more valuable.
  • Rarity over abilities. Rare items, even when untrained, sell better than items with more abilities. 
  • Hold on to your pass if you are a F2P player. You want to maximize the efforts you can make when using it. 

This is the kind of stuff you’ll find on the Player Shops. 

This is the kind of stuff you’ll find on the Player Shops. 


AC Scratches 

This is a risky but potentially effective method to gain money. AC Scratches are basically loot boxes. They do cost real money ($2) and will give you a random cosmetic item. These items can sell for millions of Meseta in the Player Shops. However, they can also get you screwed with minus 2 dollars. If are considering spending real money on PSO2, you have to keep that in mind. 


Are These the Only Ways to Gain Meseta? 

Not at all. These are the most consistent and, in general, easiest ways of getting Meseta. The amazing thing about PSO2 is that the game does reward you from playing it. Daily Orders and Arks Missions are easier to do when the game gives you just what you need. There is always something to do or something to grind.

Like in any other game, quests also reward you with extra Meseta when completed. Still, you need to check if they are a part of the Daily Orders or Arks Missions. Make sure to always maximize your playing time. 

Honestly, that’s a lot of content in one single place. Something that not a lot of MMO out there can say about themselves. If you have lost your way, there’ll always be pointers to what to do next. 



What is Meseta PSO2? 

Meseta is the in-game currency used to buy items and goods for your character. You’ll need it for everything, and you can’t have enough. 


Can you buy Meseta PSO2? 

You can’t buy Meseta directly in Phantasy Star Online 2, but you could buy them on another site. While SEGA does not encourage it, it is still the easiest way to get it, and most players do it. 


How do I get Premium on PSO2? 

By buying a Premium Pack, it gives you lots of extra benefits, but it is not necessary to enjoy the game. It does give you access to the Player shops, to buy or sell your extra items. 


What’s the highest amount of Meseta I can gain per week?

It varies from week to week, with more characters, you could make up to 40,000,000 per week. With just one character, you still pull up to 3,000,000 per week.

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